Foreign objects in containers filled with liquid, paste-like or spreadable food are a real safety risk.

Therefore it is important to track them down whilst still on the production line and to remove the packages in question early enough from the production flow.  The compact HEUFT eXaminer XAC, in accordance with the hygiene-friendly HEUFT CleanDesign, continuously monitors the product safety and identifies minute glass splinters, small pieces of metal, plastic particles, wood shavings and many other types of contamination even in non-transparent products.  It consistently rejects contaminated containers.


  • the detection of foreign objects such as pieces of broken glass, metal splinters and stones
  • base and optional sidewall detection



  • low radiation rate for each container irrespective of the throughput speed
  • 100% detection even in the case of curved container bases
  • optimal inspection by using the HEUFT reflexx technology
  • the hygiene-friendly HEUFT CleanDesign
  • extremely compact construction
  • one casing can accommodate several X-ray generators and cameras
  • up to 60,000 containers per hour
  • the HEUFT SPECTRUM TX basic unit with a high degree of operating convenience due to the HEUFT PILOT graphical interface
  • supplied as a complete solution including conveyor with integrated rejection table


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