… that KraussMaffei is the only machine manufacturer to have integrated intelligent PSG hot-runner control in the control system, and that the control system substantially increases the flexibility of the mold insert and the service life, thus avoiding production stops?

Everyone who works with hot runner molds has experienced and cursed them: wiring errors, starting difficulties, sensor failures or leaks. Exasperating. This list could be continued at will and shows how demanding manufacturing is with these molds. In the worst case, serious damage to the mold is possible, which could cause day-long production standstill and intensive repair measures. Such problems usually remain unnoticed until they have become irreparable. The KraussMaffei range now includes the intelligent PSG hot runner control system, which provides comprehensive protection for the valuable mold:

Advantages of intelligent hot runner control:

  • Sensitive heat-up ramp for longer hot runner service life
  • Early detection of weaknesses creates time for the procurement of spare parts
  • Avoidance of total electrical losses protects investment

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Temperature means movement – Movement means wear

plas1Let us consider a 400 mm long hot runner: With a temperature difference of 200°C (heating, cooling), its length will change by 1 mm. 1 mm is not very much at first glance, but in tool manufacturing it represents an enormous change in length. In case of fast and irregular heating, this will in time lead to wear and ultimately to leaks.

Solution: Such tensions are compensated for with a sensitive heating ramp. In line with the motto: “The slowest sets the pace”, all channels are heated up with low stress – fully automatically without additional settings.

Customer benefits:

  • Longer service life of hot runner
  • Avoidance of leaks
  • Energy savings due to avoidance of long phases at high temperatures during heat-up

Stable manufacturing, producing reliably despite insulation weaknesses

plas2Regardless whether due to age-related insulation damage or because of the hydrostatic insulation material: the resulting weaknesses would cause an immediate production stop without an intelligent hot runner control system. Spare parts would quickly have to be procured. It may then not be possible to get these at the best price.

Solution: Firstly, such weaknesses are detected early. Secondly, production is maintained with the heat & dry function. Gentle heating up means the system remains intact and spare parts can be arranged without stress, allowing the break in production to be planned such that any economic loss is kept to a minimum

Customer benefits:

  • Early detection of weaknesses > Replacement can be procured without time pressure
  • Any production stop can be planned > Economic fallout reduced
  • Gentle heat-up > No need to stop production

No total loss caused by leakage – Pays for itself after just one incident

plas4Everyone worries about it and everyone has experienced it: Overfeed caused by leaks is the most serious type of defect in the hot runner mold, always leading to a total electrical loss. That means production stoppages lasting several days and costly repair measures, during which the mold has to be completely dismantled and cleaned of cold plastic. The financial loss is enormous.

Solution: The intelligent PSG system detects such leaks immediately and stops production. This is possible without the need to install additional sensors.

Customer benefits:

  • No total electrical loss due to overfeed > Safeguards investments
  • No costly repair measures > Secures production
  • Pays off even in the event of a single overfeed

Click here to view the Integrated high-tech Hot-Runner Control pdf.