A Russian extruder producer of polyethylene pipe products, Icaplast has begun manufacturing new high or low temperature resistant pipes designed for laying power cables.

The firm initiated production of the added resistance PE/RT product in 20mm – 500mm sizes at its plant in St Petersburg in August. This pipe has a regular operating temperature range of -20 °C to +95 °C, while the material can temporarily resist temperatures up to 110 °C, according to Icaplast.

Based in St Petersburg, Icaplast was formed in 1999. Its plant is equipped with eight extrusion lines, welding and KWH Pipe corrugators with production equipment from Europe and Canada.

The pipe systems supplier is a leader in its wide range of PE pipe fittings for water supply in diameters from 20 to 1,200 mm.

Icaplast specialises in producing PE pipe for gas and water supply as well as polypropylene double-wall corrugated pipe used in sewage system applications. The firm has an annual production capacity of 30,000 tpa.

Earlier this year, Icaplast started manufacturing PE 100-RC pipe with a PP protective shell. These lined products are intended for use in trench or trenchless for pressure water supply and sanitation transport.

A main characteristic of this product is its increased resistance to “crack propagation” and, subject to installation and operation, a long lifetime of 100 years, according to the company.

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