Sports clothing giant Adidas has launched a new concept shoe made with ocean plastic materials and nets typically used to catch fish.

The concept shoe consists of an upper section made with ocean plastic content and a midsole, which is 3-D printed using recycled polyester and gill net content.

Back in June, Adidas revealed a shoe made almost entirely from recycled ocean waste. That product marked the beginning of a partnership between the sportswear firm and Parley, an organization trying to combat ocean pollution worldwide.

In October, the German sports giant introduced a concept that used 3-D printing to create a custom thermoplastic elastomer midsole. The new concept combines elements of the two projects with a 3-D-printed midsole created out of recycled polyester and nets, which often end up as part of the plastic debris in oceans.

Eric Liedtke, Adidas’ group executive board member responsible for global brands, said: “World leaders forging an agreement is wonderful, but we shouldn’t need to be told to do the right thing. The industry can’t afford to wait for directions any longer.

“Together with the network of Parley for the Oceans we have started taking action and creating new sustainable materials and innovations for athletes. The 3-D-printed Ocean Plastic shoe midsole stands for how we can set new industry standards if we start questioning the reason to be of what we create.”