Automotive and commercial vehicle interiors supplier, International Automotive Components (IAC), announced that its proprietary HybridFleece Molding technology has scored against conventional processes in the environmental balance from the Institute for Biopolymers and Biocomposites (IfBB) from the University for Applied Sciences of Hannover, Germany. The project details will be unveiled on March 10 at the leading VDI Congress “Plastics in Automotive Engineering”, Mannheim, Germany.

The HybridFleece Molding technology

IAC HybridFleece Molding is a unique process for combining the pressing of a thermoplastic mixed fiber fleece from a natural fiber, glass or recycled carbon fiber with the molding of stiffening ribs and clips into a one step process in the same molding tool with no need for additional welding or gluing. The technology can be used to produce a variety of lightweight structural and visible (A-surface) interior components and is designed to reduce process complexity.

Door carrier concept delivers weight reduction of 35 %

In order to compare IAC HybridFleece Molding with conventional processes, IAC produced a door carrier concept and tested it against the serial SUV product it delivers to an OEM customer. In the present case, the concept door carrier delivers a weight reduction of 35 % and – with regard to its greenhouse potential – 40 % less emissions over the course of its lifetime.