A new healthcare-grade polyethersulfone (PESU) from Solvay Specialty Polymers is now being used by Advanced Sensor Technologies Inc. (ASTi) to produce extremely durable sensor products for medical and biopharma applications. ASTi is an industry-leading designer of laboratory, medical and industrial electrochemical sensors.

Liquid analytic sensors seal sensitive electronics

Available in a range of sizes, ASTi’s new liquid analytic sensors seal sensitive electronics safely inside an internal plastic sleeve that is fitted within an outer sleeve – also made of plastic – which houses the electrochemical sensor components. ASTi evaluated Veradel HC A-301 PESU in molding trials to form inner sleeve components where it found the material helped address moldability, cost and thermal cycling issues posed by an incumbent polyetherimide (PEI) grade.

“Solvay’s high-flow polymer delivers more cost-effective processing options, improved mechanical performance and higher transparency than the PEI grade we had previously used,” said Martin Patko, president and founder at ASTi.

Good flowability permits design of thinner walls and more complex shapes

ASTi found Solvay’s comparatively high flow PESU enables the design of family molds that produce very little waste, and allows molding of selective parts with flip gates. The material’s good flowability also permitted the design of thinner walls, more complex shapes and different cross sections within finished parts. Its high transparency further facilitated final assembly of integrated parts.