A design improvement to the popular PouchPop for young infants has provided a reintroduction into the global marketplace by Performance Packaging of Nevada. Although the PouchPop was commercially available for six months, the August 2014 official launch was additionally met with widespread excitement by consumers via online purchases of the attachment and followers on social media sites discovering the innovative PouchPop.

Shortly thereafter, two PouchPops were found where the material fractured at the curve just above the base. Performance Packaging was not informed as to the age, usage or condition of the PouchPops, but was relieved that no injuries were ever reported. Despite these unknown factors, the company immediately began a voluntary product removal and notified all key companies and agencies involved. Every PouchPop customer was quickly sought out to inform them of the discovery.

Over the next several months, Performance Packaging worked with a third-party engineering service to determine the root cause and to improve any of the geometrics. Performance Packaging soon secured a new supplier for the injection molding which produces the PouchPop in an ISO Class 5 Clean Room. Throughout this entire process, Performance Packaging worked in concert and received approvals from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Following the successful extensive testing and analysis, the production of the improved PouchPop commenced and is available only in clear at this time via websites such as Amazon.com. Consumers will find the improved PouchPop continues to prevent a feeding infant from coming into contact with a pouch’s hard plastic edges, threads, straws, seals and foil edges. Knowing the PouchPop provides the safety and comfort are assurances for parents and caregivers of young children.

PouchPop is engineered with a clinical and parental understanding of infant and toddler feeding. The PouchPop is only 1.25” high and is designed to securely screw on/off to prevent slippage during self-feeding by the infant. The U.S.-patented PouchPop includes a universal fit and works with any food pouch designed for babies. It is manufactured with premium, hospital-grade silicone that is soft and supple and are also BPA-free and free of phthalates. The universal fit not only makes it easy to use and re-use, but can be conveniently cleaned by hand and is dishwasher-safe. Additionally, PouchPop is pediatric-dentist recommended.