The concept of sustainability has made its way into every aspect of human life as everyone tries to do their bit for the future of our planet. The manufacturing sector, in particular, has realised that cultivating sustainable practices can help manufacturers become more efficient, competitive and profitable. When it comes to injection moulding, however, what does sustainability look like?

These four tips will help you make sure that you are running a sustainable injection moulding operation.


Making sure your facility is ISO 9001-certified is a good way to monitor your production processes. ISO certification will ensure that your business undergoes the necessary audits and inspections to ensure that you are in total control of all your procedures and functioning optimally.

Waste reduction

During the moulding process, excess plastic is generated. What are you doing with the excess plastic you generate? Recycling is one of the most obvious ways you can reduce the amount of waste your facility generates. Other strategies include considering how your raw materials are delivered and packaged, and aligning these with more sustainable practices. You can also look into turning your facility’s waste into energy to make sure that you limit the amount of waste that finds its way to landfills.

Local vs international

From where are the raw materials for your production process coming? Are you importing these? Sustainable manufacturing entails sourcing as much of your raw materials as possible locally. By doing so, you reduce your facility’s footprint in transporting these goods to your facility.

Waste minimising technology

Truly sustainable plastic injection-moulding companies use state-of-the-art machinery to reduce the amount of waste generated during production. They are also conscious of the facility’s impact during transportation and packaging, and employ smart solutions to minimise this.

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