(Munich, June 15, 2016)

At the K 2016 trade show in Düsseldorf (October 19 to 26, 2016, Hall 15, Booth B27/C24/C27/D24) KraussMaffei Berstorff is presenting the maximum version of its technologically advanced QuickSwitch technology for efficiently changing dimensions for the 280 – 500 mm diameter range. The system, which has proven its value in everyday production for many years, is the company’s flagship product for applications requiring high overall equipment efficiency (OEE), particularly with regard to the availability of a production system. In this respect, with OEE Plus KraussMaffei Berstorff supplies its customers with premium quality solutions.

Cost-effective production, particularly for large pipe diameters
“Our automatic quick change system is of particular interest for large pipe diameters, as in this application, the quantity of waste is limited to a tapered piece of approximately three to six meters,” explains Peter Roos, President of the Extrusion Technology Segment and of the KraussMaffei Berstorff brand. Because in pipe production, the material costs account for up 70 percent, processors’ desire to produce as little scrap as possible is first and foremost. “Our QuickSwitch system, which has been successful for over ten years and is unmatched in its technology, has been expanded by adding the model for the 280 – 500 mm diameter range. This expansion is our response to the requirements of the market,” says Roos. A critical role in conserving the raw material is also played by the pipe wall thickness. QuickSwitch technology plays a critical role in this regard. “Every processor wants to produce as little excess pipe weight as possible, because this weight has negative effects on its balance sheet,” Roos explains. In addition, all process parameters can be configured with precision and stored using the intelligent all-in-one system control. Any number of data records can be stored and activated using the C6 control system.Greater flexibility and maximum availability of the production system 
“In today’s highly competitive market environment, flexibility is the key to success,” Roos says. “One of the absolutely outstanding features of our QuickSwitch system is being able to fill small order lots with fast turnaround times. The pipe dimension changes within a few minutes at the touch of a button. QuickSwitch enables the producer to respond at any time and accept orders with small quantities or special tubes with individualized dimensions. Just-in-time production reduces inventory costs to a minimum. The fast changeover time has an extremely positive effect on availability. Processors have to figure in multiple hours for the changeover of a standard system, depending on the dimension. By contrast, this process takes only about ten minutes with QuickSwitch. The system is also very low-maintenance, increasing service life while simultaneously reducing personnel costs.


Satisfied customers – in markets defined by high-tech 
“Companies who decide in favor of our QuickSwitch solution keep coming back to us,” Roos confirms. “This is proven by our regular customers’ full order books.” Since its market launch, the system has done particularly well in high-tech markets such as Germany, Austria, the Benelux countries and Italy. However, a large number of systems are also up and running in Eastern Europe and the Near and Middle East. The technology enables all commonly used polyolefins such as PE-HD and PE-MD to be processed for these diameter ranges: 25-63 mm; (optional: 63-140 mm); 75-160 mm; 160-250 mm; 250-450 mm; 280-500 mm; (in the wall thickness range of 11-33 SDR class).

KraussMaffei Berstorff at the K 2016 trade show, Hall 15, Booth B27/C24/C27/D24
Source: www.kraussmaffeiberstorff.com