Plastic items made using injection moulding are all around us. The majority of the plastic items and objects we use on a daily basis were formed using the injection moulding process.  Injection moulding is the most common modern method of manufacturing plastic parts; this is because it is ideal for producing high volumes of the same object.

Here are 5 of the most common everyday items that are made using the injection moulding process.

Car interiors

You may not be aware of it but as you drive to and from work each day you are surrounded by injection moulded materials in your car. Car bumpers, dashboards, the buttons on your radio, the automatic window controls and plastic cup holders are all made the exact same although they are such different parts, that all serve quite different functions.

Electrical switches

Electrical plugs and switches can be produced on a mass scale when made with injection moulding systems. Almost the entire electrical system of your home is dependent on injection moulded products to hold everything together.

Children’s toys

One of the most common injection moulded objects you will find in almost every home are children’s toys. Plastic is the perfect material for children’s toys because they are far more durable and can be bent, twisted and quite often stamped on before any serious damage happens to them. Another bonus of plastic toys is that they are washable.


Plastics have revolutionised the electronics we rely on every day, so much so that they have become integral to the electronics industry. When it comes to computers, which most people use on a daily basis, the monitors, casings, keyboards and other computer accessories, are all made using injection moulded plastics.

Medical tools

The medical industry relies heavily on products made from plastic. Medical plastic injection moulding has made it possible to manufacture medical devices and equipment that are far more efficient, safe and clean such as syringes.

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