We all know how important servicing our cars is and we do our level best to make sure they’re serviced on time because we know how essential this is to keeping them running optimally.

This philosophy is not only important for your car but for any large piece of machinery or equipment you own including your injection moulding machine. In Part 1 of our post we looked at preventative and predictive maintenance. In Part2 we’ll look at reactive and major maintenance.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance is usually unplanned and is often referred to as “breakdown maintenance” because repair work is done when the equipment or machinery has already broken down. Its aim is primarily to restore the machinery to its normal operating condition.

Performing reactive maintenance can be quite costly for your business because it means you are faced with an unplanned interruption of your production process. It also means you need to fork out money, which you haven’t budgeted for, to get the machine back up as soon as possible with additional costs for emergency parts and labour. By performing predictive and preventative maintenance you can reduce the likelihood of having to perform reactive maintenance.

Reliability-centred maintenance

Reliability-centred maintenance or RCM is a process used to determine what must be done to ensure that any physical asset (in this case your injection moulding machinery) continues to do what its users want it to do in its present operating context, according to John Moubray.

RCM methodology deals with some key issues not dealt with by other maintenance programs. At its core it is a maintenance strategy used to optimise your maintenance programmes.

According to the maintennceassistant.com an effective reliability centred maintenance implementation looks at the facility as a series of functional systems, each of which has inputs and outputs contributing to the success of the facility. It is the reliability, rather than the functionality, of these systems that are considered.

Implementing and RCM maintenance strategy has many benefits, the best being that it increases equipment availability and reduces maintenance and resource costs. It also allows you to focus maintenance on critical components.

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