In an effort to help plastic manufacturing newbies overcome their fears of a whole new vocabulary that can seem quite intimidating, we’ve compiled a three-part post of plastic extrusion terms. There is more to plastic manufacturing than terminology but it is a great place to start.

Adiabatic Extrusion

Adiabatic Extrusion refers to forming plastic objects using the energy produced by driving the plastic mass through an extruder without heat flow.


This refers to the part of the extruder encasing the screw or plunger.

Barrel Liner

The term barrel liner refers to the sleeve forming the inner surface of the barrel.


This refers to the process of pressing or smoothing material between rollers.


Sometimes referred to as “sidings,” is extruded PVC-U boards that are used as outdoor weather-resistant façade panels.


This refers to any plastic material prepared for subsequent manufacturing processes, specifically in extrusion, moulding or calendaring.

Compression Section

The transition section of a screw channel in which a reduction in the screw channel volume occurs.

Cooling Tank

A tank typically containing water through which extrusion is constantly passed for cooling.

Crosshead Die

An extrusion die which produces an extrudate on an axis which is at an angle to that of the extruder barrel.


This refers to the process of cross-linking a plastics material.

Decompression Section

In a two-stage extruder the decompression section refers to that part in which there is an increase in screw channel volume.


The Die refers to a part or assembly of parts held, contained or fitted to the extruder head to form the melt to the desired profile.

Die Plate

In moulds, the main support for the punch or mould cavity.

Part 2 coming soon.

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