In an effort to help plastic manufacturing newbies overcome their fears of a whole new vocabulary that can seem quite intimidating, we’ve compiled a three-part post of plastic extrusion terms. There is more to plastic manufacturing than terminology but it is a great place to start.

Welcome to Part 2 of our post were we pick up were Part 1 left off on the letter D.

Discharge section

The flighted portion of the screw at the discharge end in which the melt is forced towards the die.

Draw down

Reduction in thickness of plastics emerging from the die by controlling the haul off speed.


The entire system used to supply mechanical energy to the screw.

Dry Blend

A free flowing blend of compound or resin and other ingredients as prepared for an additional manufacturing operation specifically for extrusion or moulding.


The production of embossed film or sheeting.

Embossing Roll

A roll having a patterned surface used to produce embossed sheeting.


The product or result of an extrusion process.

Extruder head

A component which may be attached to the discharge end of the extruder barrel to house the die.

Extruder size

Tis refers to the nominal inside diameter of the extruder barrel.


A continuous shaping of plastic material by forcing it under pressure through a die.

Extrusion Coating

A coating technique in which molten plastic feeds directly from an extruder die into a nip-roll assembly combined with the substrate.

Extrusion Pressure

The pressure of the melt at the discharge end of the screw.

Lookout for Part 3.

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