People decide to outsource their injection moulding services for a number of reasons and the basic offering is identical from place to place, however finding the partner that’s suitable for your needs depends on a number of factors.

If you’re considering outsourcing your injection moulding services, you should consider the six factors in this two-part post.


Many of the decisions regarding materials, maintenance and production methods depend on information that is shared in the very early stages of the project, thus communication is incredibly important to the injection moulding process. If you have communication deficiencies and breakdowns in the beginning of the relationship you need to reconsider because no amount of ultra-modern equipment and expensive technology will help you overcome this. You and your new partner either communicate well or you don’t.

Material expertise

It’s important that partner you choose to outsource your injection moulding to is well versed in the raw materials for injection moulding. This type of expertise can be very useful, if you work with someone who knows about performance characteristics like chemical resistance, strength, flexibility, temperatures, flow rates etc. because they can use this knowledge to get the best part out of the mould every time. They are also better able to improvise in a crisis situation.

Additional expertise

In addition to material expertise it is useful to lookout for someone with any additional capabilities relevant to the field you service with the products you create. This can help provide flexibility and convenience if you’re faced with capacity constraints and require additional assistance. Again an injection moulding partner with additional experience can contribute that design for manufacturing knowledge to the mould building and production teams.

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