Good service technicians know that no two customer callouts are the same and they are always prepared for any number of challenges they could face along the way. However, great service technicians know that when the going gets tough they can rely on the support of their team.

Teamwork is at the heart of everything Plastic & Chemical Trading (P&CT), a supplier of quality equipment to the plastics, bottling and logistics and warehousing industries, does. Just ask MCG Industries, one of the company’s customers who recently got to witness first-hand how team work made the dream work.

Plastic & Chemical Trading was recently contracted to work on the installation and commissioning of four machines for MCG industries, a manufacturer of a variety of plastic packaging. The job, which was scheduled for a week, was completed within the time despite numerous delays and challenges which saw the entire team taking time out of their weekend to deliver on the client demands.

Just another day

At first it would appear that this was just another routine installation but after the first machine was installed the Plastic & Chemical Trading team had to wait on the client to complete their end of the work which involved water installations. “Once we installed the first machine we had to wait for the customer to do the water before we could install the second so we moved offsite,” explains Khaya Sibisi, technical co-ordinator.

According to Sibisi, when they did receive a call from the customer it was Thursday and they notified the P&CT team that they wanted one of the machines to start running on Friday. “Unfortunately at the time only Matthew, the technical director, was available to go and assist the customer so he went out on Friday and worked on the machine all day. It was another challenging day because there were a lot of delays again and Matthew spent a lot of time with the customer trying to resolve these issues so we could meet the deadline.”

The challenges were extensive and the job needed to be completed on Saturday so the team decided to send out Joas Mathatha, senior technician, to get the machine up and running. Just when the P&CT team thought things couldn’t get any more challenging they received another mail from the customer explaining that they would also like to have a second machine ready to start production on Monday.

Going above and beyond for the customer

This sort of task typically requires two technicians to work over a period of two days but with a tight deadline looming the team realised that the task would be too big for Mathatha to complete on his own even if he worked on both Saturday and Sunday.

“On Saturday morning Joas was joined by Danie Müller, senior technician, Matthew and I.” At the time Sibisi had been booked off work ill but realising that his team needed him, he made his way out to the client to assist the team.

“I was really very sick, but we understood that we needed to be there to support the client fully. Working together the four of us were able to complete all the tasks on the same day. The whole job was finished around 8pm on Saturday evening with one machine in production and the other ready to start on Monday as requested.”

This kind of commitment to exceptional service delivery and support is something the entire team holds in high esteem. “An incident like this lets me know that no matter how big the problem is it will never be bigger than us, because we will always make time to help and support each other, which is reassuring as a technician” says Mathatha.

“When you really think about the situation it was Saturday and everyone who was not booked for that Job could’ve easily said “I’m busy” but we all dropped what we were doing to try and meet the expectations of the client. With the customer you can think you’re going the extra mile but they expect more which is why we always try and push ourselves,” concludes Sibisi.