A new surgical device has been created by tissue repair device developer Zipline Medical. The Zip, as it is named, is made out of a polyurethane structure with a hydrocolloid adhesive and is intended to be the solution to the speed vs. cosmetic tradeoff made by surgeons using conventional metal staples.

The device is adjustable, reversible and is intended to make skin closure fast and easy. The flexible and extendable design is considered for patient comfort and protects incisions from extrinsic forces. More potential benefits for the patient include a cosmetic outcome that can eliminate track marks and the possible option for the patient to remove the Zip at home.

Surgeons can use the device for incisions of any length and the Zip may be cut or combined for varying lengths. The device is applied after deeper suture layers are applied. The Zip works by having two adhesive strips placed over an incision, which are then tightened with adjustable ties and covered with a bandage.

Zip used segmented dynamic compression which allows the device to lengthen alongside an incision when the patient moves. This protects the cut by having the device counteract distracting forces during flexing of the joint.

The Zip has already been used in several different surgical applications including joint arthroplasty, skin excision, sternotomy and more, highlighting the potential effectiveness of the device.

Source: www.medicalplasticsnews.com

URL: http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/medical-devices/polyurethane-staples-provide-fast-alternative-for-surgeons/