Cleanliness is important for any manufacturing facility but when it comes to plastic manufacturing in particular it is an absolute must especially when manufacturing items for food or medical applications.

Keeping things clean is important for not only your plant but your machinery too. Dirty machines are difficult to operate and inspect. The build-up of dirt, grime and grease can easily contaminate the products you’re manufacturing which is a huge problem.

Maintaining a clean facility and clean machinery doesn’t have to be a mammoth task. These tips and tricks should help you keep everything in line.

Clean the inside of your machines

Up until now we focused heavily on making sure your surroundings and the outside of the machine are kept clean but cleaning the inside of your machine is just as important. Before assembling your machines during repairs make sure you clean each of the parts thoroughly. This will help avoid any start up related failures and you can use the same water based cleaning agents that you use for the outside of your machines.

Create clean guidelines and put them on display

Most manufacturing facilities have safety guidelines and producers on display around the plant to make sure that it is front and centre of everyone’s minds, you should do the same thing with cleanliness. At the end of the day keep your working environment and machinery clean is right next to maintaining safety therefore we should assign the same level of importance to it.

Don’t make cleanliness an occasional thing

Most manufacturing facilities go out of their way to make sure their facility is spick and span to impress visiting dignitaries and VIPs but this philosophy doesn’t exist for the other days of the year which is just not good enough. If you really want to realise the benefits of keeping your machinery and plant clean the key is consistency. Clean machines run better and require less maintenance in the long run.