Injection moulding is one of the most common techniques used to make many of the plastic objects we use on a daily basis. A common misconception about injection moulding is that it is only good for producing big orders, however this is not true.

One of the greatest advantages of injection moulding is the ability to scale production according to your needs.  So why would anyone choose plastic injection moulding to manufacture their plastic objects? For these six reasons.

Its accurate

Plastic injection moulding is well known as an incredibly effective way to manufacture accurate plastic parts and components. It’s so precise that you can manufacture almost any type of plastic part. Even with design restrictions the moulds that are made allow for the finished part to be very precise.

Fast Production

Injection moulding is capable of producing an incredible amount of parts per hour. This is one of the reason it is one of the most common forms of manufacturing plastic parts. The speed itself is dependent on the complexity of the mould but according to the experts approximately 15 to 30 seconds pass between cycle times. That’s fast!

Low labour costs

Most injection moulding machines can function with little to no help from an operator. Typically, the moulding machines run with a self-gating, automatic tool that helps to keep operations streamlined and production ongoing with minimal supervision. This helps you save money on labour costs so you can reinvest it somewhere else.

Lookout for part 2 of our post where we look at three more benefits of plastic injection moulding for your project.

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