Injection moulding is one of the most common techniques used to make many of the plastic objects we use on a daily basis. A common misconception about injection moulding is that it is only good for producing big orders, however this is not true.

One of the greatest advantages of injection moulding is the ability to scale production according to your needs.  So why would anyone choose plastic injection moulding to manufacture their plastic objects? For these six reasons.


Plastic injection moulding is not only accurate it’s incredibly flexible too. You can change the colour and the material of the part you’re producing relatively easily. There is also a degree of design flexibility with injection moulding if you can work around some of the restrictions.

Cheaper than plastic machining

Your initial investment into an injection moulding solution can be quite costly however you will save more in the long term. This is because once your mould has been created you can push out a large number of plastic parts at a minimal cost. For manufacturers running large production runs using plastic machining can get quite expensive, up to 25 times more than plastic injection moulding.

Low waste

Sustainability is a major factor for manufacturers today and this is understandable as we wage war on practices and processes that harm the environment and produce waste. Injection moulding is known for the low amount of waste produced during the process. This is because you only ever use the amount of plastic you need to the part your producing. Any excess plastic can easily be ground up and recycled after use.

Lookout for part 1 of our post where we look at three more benefits of plastic injection moulding for your project.

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