When KraussMaffei presented the intelligent APC (Adaptive Process Control) machine function at the Fakuma trade show in 2014, it was a sensation. At K 2016 which was held from October 19 to 26, the company has done better.

The successor system APC plus features many new intelligent features that make injection moulding more stable and more precise as a whole. The use of recycled materials is increasing and APC plus makes them easier to use. In addition to processing thermoplastics, multi-component injection moulding or processing silicone, APC plus is also ideal for special applications such as thin-walled articles or cascade injection moulding.

A focus on zero-defect production

“The new APC plus now makes it possible to compensate for troublesome fluctuations in the manufacturing process during injection moulding even faster and with greater precision. Our customers profit from exceptionally high precision and consistently high component quality,” explains Dr. Reinhard Schiffers, Head of Machine Technology at KraussMaffei. APC plus is able to learn even better than the APC machine function introduced on the market to great success in 2014.

It offers even greater precision in detecting process fluctuations triggered by changing ambient conditions, such as temperature or humidity, caused by fluctuating viscosity and due to other factors. And it automatically takes measures to counter the fluctuations.

In the new APC plus, the user can choose from 20 basic materials plus filler types in a drop-down menu, thus taking into account the specific properties of the target material. “This makes the injection moulding machine capable of, for the first time, responding to faults based specifically on the material and taking corrective action in the holding pressure phase,” says Schiffers.

APC plus also takes the pressure-dependent compressibility of the melt into account to enable action with even greater precision and knowledge of the results. The compressibility provides information about how much melt has been introduced into the cavity. In addition, the closing behaviour of the nonreturn valve can be predicted with even greater precision thanks to an optimised algorithm, making it possible to determine the ideal changeover point.

Ideal for cascade injection moulding

The new APC plus function is, like its predecessor, ideal for processing thermoplastics, multi-component injection moulding or processing silicone. In addition, it provides perfect component quality even for special applications, such as cascade injection moulding. In this process, the times when the needle seal nozzles open are adapted so that they always open at the same mould fill level, regardless of the viscosity present in the current shot. APC plus is offered on all-electric and hydraulic series from KraussMaffei.

Look out for more in the KraussMaffei K countdown contribution video.

Source: www.krausmaffei.com