The extrusion process is one that predates plastic itself but it’s one that has become synonymous with plastic applications today. Plastic extruders are used to create a wide variety of things including plastic tubing, trims, seals, plastic sheets and rods.

When it comes to the types of extruders available on the market twin screw extruders are one of the most popular varieties. In this two-part post we’ll look at five benefits of twin screw extrusion.

Better control of process parameters

Twin screw extruder systems are designed with better regulatory mechanisms. Some of these include narrower residence time distribution, lower dispersion of shear rates and strain, higher convective heat transfer, accurate control of temperature profile. These mechanisms all lead to enhanced control of shear-time-temperature histories in the extrusion process, increased range of mechanical power inputs as well as enhanced steadiness in product conversion and quality.

Improved economic opportunities and business potential

Twin extruders create higher economic opportunities and business potential for a number of reasons. Higher process flexibility and productivity allows twin extruders to produce a wider range of end products as well as to convert materials and handle product quality more consistently. You can also compensate the effect of screw wear through screw speed adjustment which all makes for better economic sense.

Enhanced productivity

When compared to a single extruder, twin extruders tend to have higher productivity. This is because the twin extruder has a better capacity to handle a wider variety of raw materials and complex formulations and recipes. The high operation speed and higher process productivity of twin extruders makes up for the wear and tear.

Lookout for part one of our post where we look at two of the benefits of using a twin extruder.

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