Covestro, a provider of custom polyurethane films and raw materials, has presented a working prototype of its smart wearable patch.

They first presented the small electronic devices, which can be affixed to the skin like a patch, at K Show earlier this year. Due to the success of its showing the company decided to share its experience with medical brands and tiers at Compamed.

The non-invasive properties of the wearable patches mean that they are positioned in such a way to provide an alternative to other wearable technologies such as smart watches and sports trackers.

The global wearable patch market is estimated to reach an annual sales value of $4.4 billion by 2000 with market affordability and user acceptance acting as the main challenges.

The prototype smart patch Covestro is exhibiting includes sensors to measure humidity and temperature, it can gauge discomfort-index or heat-stress, geo-magnetics, acceleration and recognises UV/ambient light levels.

Covestro is utlising its experience in the medical industry to develop the patch in regards to patient comfort by using its thermoplastic materials. These materials include Baymedix adheisves which are skin-friendly, breathable and solvent-free. Adjustable peel strength equates for low trauma removal and the thermoplastic foam and be used for sensitive electronics.