When it comes to designing plastic parts, any mistakes can be quite costly this is why as a plastic manufacturer it’s important to get things right from the very start of a project.

While many tips and tricks exist to make sure you get the right plastic part in this two-part post we look at six ways that will help save you money.

When designing plastic parts or starting a project there are few important things to take into account.


Once you know what you’re making its essential to know how much of it you’re expected to make. You need to get your client to nail down a number that is as accurate as possible especially if you’re manufacturing specialty parts because you don’t want to find yourself stuck with parts that you can’t sell to anyone else.

Know what your planned annual volumes are likely to be and what an average order size will be placed. Getting this right, leads to specifying the right tooling size and can save considerable sums.

Time to market

Knowing time frames is important for making sure that you can deliver sufficiently for your clients. It’s essential that you do not overestimate your ability to produce a part, the last thing you want to do is produced an inferior product because you are rushing to meet an order or worse still being unable to produce the product at all in the time that you promised. This can be very costly for your business so early on in the relationship agree on a time to market that works for you and the customer.


If possible, try and produce a low cost prototype for your customer so they can get a feel for what you can actually do. That way you can discuss anything they may like or dislike about the prototype which will save you both money in the long run because you won’t have to go back and make changes if an entire batch of products is unsuitable.

Lookout for part 1 of our post where we look at three more tips for designing the best plastic parts.

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