Partnering with solutions and service providers in plastic manufacturing is a big deal for any business.  Ideally, as an extension of your organisation, you want your service provider to reflect the high quality and focus that you expect from your own organisation and employees.

These kind of relationships require a concerted effort by all parties to be successful and they need to be built on a solid foundation. In this two-part post we will look at six tips to help you effectively manage the manufacturing service provider relationship.

Identify any concerns

During the preliminary discussions with your potential service provider you should identify any concerns or risk factors that are unacceptable.  This may include physical location concerns based on geographical conditions, or response times if you have an issue and need assistance asap. By clearly outlining these issues from the outset you can come to an agreement or compromise with your service provider.

Read and understand the SLA

Most importantly it is essential for you to read and understand the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and supporting documentation between you and your service provider.  You should pay attention to what is required of you as well as what is required of the service provider. If everyone understands their roles and responsibilities, there is less of a chance of misunderstandings and dissatisfaction.

Drive relationship effectiveness through training

The ability to learn, grow and evolve is critical to any healthy relationship. Creating an environment of continual learning and improvement will support the development of effective service provider relationships. Relationship requirements and capabilities should be addressed at the strategy phase and should consider how best to establish effective people interactions that go beyond the contract.

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