Raw materials supplier Velox GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) has developed a new purging compound for extrusion lines: CleanPlus Express.

The compound can help accelerate colour and material changes and flush out old deposits. It can also be used during machinery shutdowns to protect the screw from corrosion, enabling trouble-free start-up with less waste.

The ready-to-use, non-abrasive material does not require mixing or predrying.

CleanPlus also helps to cool down the extrusion line and facilitates screw pulling, as it does not stick to metal.

“Our 20 years’ experience in the area of purge compounds has helped us to develop a product that saves the customer up to 50% of time and material and, thus, a lot of money,” says Enno Stapel, Product Manager.

“After tests, our new compound has been rated as excellent by our customers. We are very pleased about this and it confirms our ambitions to take on and solve the problems in production. We would like our customers to manufacture—it is better if our compounds do the cleaning,” says Stapel.

CleanPlus can be used with blown film, in sheet or pipe extrusion and injection moulding and is suitable for polymers such as PO, PP, PVC, TPU, TPE and many more.

Source: www.plasticstoday.com