The key to successfully producing the best plastic parts lies in ensuring you have the correct equipment for the job. Selecting the right injection moulding machine can help produce high quality parts, keep costs down and make you more productive.

Choosing the right machine doesn’t have to be complex, in this two-part post we will look at six machine selection mistakes to avoid.

Limiting injection pressure

In order to consistently produce quality parts, the moulding process cannot be restricted by limiting injection pressure. Experts recommend having at least 10% injection pressure aside so that the injection casting machine can automatically adjust to a normal variation in the plastic material thickness.

Inadequate clamp tonnage

Clamp tonnage is essential to producing quality parts. If the clamp tonnage is too low producing quality parts will become very difficult. Low clamp tonnage means inconsistent weights, flash, short shots, wall section variation, poor surface finish and size variation. You can also expect more machine wear when using low tonnage.

High energy consumption

Machine design is one of the factors that plays a major role in energy consumption. There are 3 types of machine designs: fully hydraulic, fully electric and hybrid machines. Hybrid machines are partly electric and partly hydraulically operated and depending on the type and quantity of the parts you want to mould you should make your selection accordingly.

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