When it comes to plastic injection moulding, design engineers have three main options of machine designs to choose from.  These three types of machine designs include fully hydraulic, fully electric and hybrid machines. Each has its benefits and disadvantages and in order to select the process that suits your requirements you need to know what each process is and what it can offer you.

In this two-part post we’ll help you get to know the hybrid plastic injection moulding just a little bit better. In part one of our post we’ll focus on what exactly it is and what it’s used for while part two will look at some of the advantages of this popular injection moulding option.

Advantages of hybrid injection moulding

  • It boasts shorter dry cycle times
  • It offers precision
  • Up to 40% energy savings when compared to hydraulic machines
  • It offers superior clamping force when compared to electric machines
  • It provides better precision
  • It offers repeatability
  • It offers energy savings
  • It boasts reduced noise similar to that of an electric machine

Click her for part 2 of our post where we look at exactly what hybrid plastic injection moulding is.

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