What do customers want in an ordinary dish-soap package that typically is hidden away under the kitchen sink?

TricorBraun’s research showed that customers wanted the functionality of under-the-counter dish soap in a new, counter-worthy design, according to Jonathan Bolda, TricorBraun Design Engineer. The company responded with flair, and it was rewarded with a prestigious design award.

“Developing a new package for Lemi Shine was a welcome engineering challenge because it involved more creativity than most projects and customer feedback was quick, so the process was smooth,” said Bolda. The new Lemi Shine dish soap bottle is moulded from polyethylene terephthalate with a polypropylene closure and silicone valve. The label is pressure sensitive, according to the information provided to PlasticsToday and sister brand Packaging Digest by TricorBraun.

TricorBraun’s package design for Lemi Shine offers a unique blend of stability, aesthetics and function, said the company. Additionally, the company’s exclusive rights to the Aptar Sure Snap Valve provide precise and innovative dispensing technology.

Engineering of this silicone valve accommodates a clean flow and secure cut-off, providing the precise control asked for by consumers during research. TricorBraun engineered the specific closure design that holds this valve so that it works seamlessly with the bottle design.

According to TricorBraun Packaging Consultant Joey Caldwell, the company was also able to leverage international and domestic tool builders to accelerate speed to market. “Once a prototype was ready, Lemi Shine was able to validate the functionality and aesthetic appeal with consumers first hand and its sales force was able to land agreements with Walmart, Kmart, Target and HEB Texas Grocery. The number of commitments from major retailers continues to grow.”

The company was recently awarded a 2017 American Package Design Award for the new Lemi Shine dish soap bottle.

Source: www.plasticstoday.com