Sodastream International Ltd. is poking fun at plastics again, this time with an April Fools’ advertisement featuring celebrity socialite Paris Hilton.

Hilton (who I never thought I’d mention in a Plastics News column), starts the ad in a silly outfit that she says was made from plastic found in the stomachs of sea turtles.

“So sad,” she says. “Plastic bottles are poisoning our planet.”

But there’s good news: She explains how a new invention from her “Paris Hilton Institute of Plastic Pollution Solutions” had come up with a way to reduce plastic waste.

It’s just a way for Sodastream to reinforce its message that it has an alternative for fans of sparkling water and fizzy soda that avoids single-serve PET bottles.

This is something that Sodastream has pushed for years.

Matti Yahav, vice president of global marketing at SodaStream, said: “We brought Paris Hilton and an edgy campaign to help us draw attention to the issue in a way that is fun and entertaining.”

It’s not laugh-out-loud funny, or particularly mean, but clearly the joke is on plastics.

It’s a reminder that the plastics industry could be doing more, both to prevent plastic pollution and to get the word out on what it’s doing already.