With the growing implementation of robotics and automation into production lines, various manufacturing sectors are able to reduce costs, provide even more consistent quality products and improve profit margins.

For packaging lines in particular automation is a popular option especially since custom automation solutions now encompass every step of the production process and supply chain. In this two-part post we will look at four packaging automation mistakes to avoid.

Setting unrealistic expectations

As mentioned previously every manufacturing facility is unique therefore one has to take into account all of these elements when setting goals.  Each facility needs to manage their expectations in relation to their specific situation when it comes to automation.

Management needs to have a realistic understanding of what automation can do for their facility and set attainable goals. It is essential to compare existing data with desired capabilities and use this information as your guide.  The more information you have the better you will be able to predict the effectiveness of the automation, determine which process can be refined and improve the overall performance of your facility.

Only looking at initial cost

One of the most common misconceptions regarding automation is that it is just too expensive to design to install. While it may be true that the initial cost of investment is high automating your packaging facility will be more cost effective and save you money in the long run.

Automation will allow you to achieve higher precision parts, more efficient production rates and a reduced number of operating staff which all ultimately affect your bottom line.

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