Cleanliness is important for any manufacturing, filling or packaging facility but when it comes to food and beverages it is an absolute must.

Product contaminations can cost food and beverage companies millions in lost profits, decontamination, manufacturing delays and more while damage to brand reputation can have a large impact on future earnings.

To avoid the associated costs your facility needs to be kept in pristine condition 24/7 so your quality control equipment doesn’t have to work overtime. In this two-part post, we look at six tips to promote clean manufacturing in your facility.

Control air temperature

Depending on what you’re manufacturing you may already have regulations in place to govern the temperature of your facility but controlling air temperature and humidity levels in all work areas is a good first step in clean manufacturing. A controlled environment eliminates the need to open windows reducing the risk of outdoor airborne dirt.

Train your staff

Training your staff correctly on all processes and procedures is the next step towards achieving your clean goals. All operators should understand their individual role in maintaining a clean facility, know what they can and cannot wear on the production floor, and know how their individual work areas should be maintained.

Segment work areas

Segmenting your manufacturing facility into “dirty” and “clean” work areas allows for greater cleanliness control. The “dirty” work areas, such as toolroom operations, should be placed far away from cleaner, product-assembly sites.

Don’t miss part two of our post where we look at three more tips to promote clean manufacturing in your facility.

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