The number and magnitude of product recalls in the food and beverage industry has increased significantly in recent years according to international insurer AIG.  Just this month PepsiCo, the American multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation, issued a product recall in Michigan due to metal contamination.

After receiving 18 consumer complaints between late February and early April, the company launched an investigation and found that metal flecks had contaminated some of its cola products due to an equipment malfunctioning during bottling.

This scenario is not uncommon, EXL Consulting reports on average it takes food and beverage companies 14 days to sense the need for a recall and 34 days to enact it. By that time, less than 40% of the affected product can be collected because the rest either has already been consumed or thrown out.

Product contaminations can cost millions in lost profits, decontamination, manufacturing delays and more while damage to brand reputation can have a large impact on future earnings.  So, where do food and beverage companies start if they want to avoid this outcome?

Investing in upgrades

Reducing the risk of contaminated products starts on the factory floor. More than three in four companies surveyed by EXL Consulting plans on spending money to improve their ability to detect a quality issue.

What this means is investing in proper systems, processes and policies to meet industry standards. An end of line system for the specific detection of foreign objects is indispensable when producing and packing food. Similarly, beverage companies cannot be without an X-Ray system designed specifically for high speed inspection of products.

Stopping contaminated products from hitting the shelfs can be the difference between a company’s survival and its collapse. Instead of spending hours on a plan to handle product recalls, avoid the scenario all together with an intelligent quality inspection solution.

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