Injection moulding may be one of the most popular and effective plastic manufacturing processes however it is not cheap. In these uncertain economic times manufacturers need to incorporate cost effective solutions into their operations to stay relevant.

In this two-part post, we look at some ways to ensure that cost effective injection moulding is a reality for your project.

Use the right material

When it comes to material selection the options are seemingly endless particularly with plastic however honing in on the function of the piece and what you hope to achieve can help you narrow down your options and select the right material for the job.

Be selective with your injection moulding partner

All injection moulding companies were not created equal so selecting the right partner for your project is critical, not only for project success but for the bottom line. Your injection moulding partner should have experience manufacturing the parts you’re looking to produce as well as demonstrated success in handling a project of your size.

Optimise your mould design

Optimised mould design means producing as many parts as possible in a single shot and being able to eject the plastic product quickly and ready for the next shot without wasting movements. Every second in the injection moulding process translates into money so minimising the movements and mechanisms of moulding to as few and fast as possible is essential.

Don’t miss part two of our post where we look at three more injection moulding tips that could save you money.

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