Injection moulding may be one of the most popular and effective plastic manufacturing processes however it is not cheap. In these uncertain economic times manufacturers need to incorporate cost effective solutions into their operations to stay relevant.

In this two-part post, we look at some ways to ensure that cost effective injection moulding is a reality for your project.

Identify processes that can be consolidated

There are many secondary processes (such as custom inserts, labelling and painting to name a few) that are involved in producing a part from scratch. Time is money in injection moulding so, by employing better production management and combining all these processes into one robust process you cut time from your production process saving you money.

Consider bulk production

Producing as many parts as possible in one sitting will allow you to remain competitive because it spreads the setup cost out over more parts leaving you with a lower price per piece. This allows you to compete in a market where a product must be the best while also being affordable.

Optimise design and materials

Optimised product design can help you save on material consumption. For example, using ribs and gussets to reinforce a product will save on material consumption, as well as ensuring that the product has uniform wall thickness that is neither too thin nor too thick. Making small adjustments like these to your design and processes will put you in a better position to offer plastic products at competitive prices without incurring any losses.

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