Orbis Corp has developed and launched Proliant, a fire-retardant polymer for use in select plastic pallets that meets Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FM) fire rating requirements equivalent to wood pallets.

Proliant also meets Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates in providing the necessary compliance for food and beverage processors. Regulatory compliance evaluation was conducted with Proliant in accordance with the USA FDA food contact regulations (21 CFR citations), food contact notifications, Threshold of Regulations (TOR), generally recognised as safe (GRAS) inventory and prior-sanctioned lists.

Orbis first offered fire-retardant pallets in 2005, and now offers a large selection of approximately 19 different designs of FM-approved Proliant. These pallets offer improved hygiene, durability, strength and rackability while outperforming alternative pallets, resulting in a lower cost per trip. Orbis pallets made with Proliant:

  • Help companies meet their insurance requirements while maintaining performance characteristics;
  • Are available in rackable and stackable styles, in footprints from 36 x 40 inches to 48 x 48 inches;
  • Reduce product damage that can occur with splinters and nails from wood pallets;
  • Feature nonporous plastic that is easy to keep clean and sanitary to meet food and beverage supply-chain regulations;
  • Feature dimensional consistency for reliable stacking and trailer optimization;
  • Offer a long service life, which can lower trip costs over the life of the plastic pallet.

Suitable markets for the Proliant pallets include food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical and retail.

Orbis claims it is the only North American pallet manufacturer to offer multiple FM-approved fire-retardant pallets in a wide variety of footprints and styles.

Source: www.plasticstoday.com

SOURCE URL: https://www.plasticstoday.com/packaging/unique-polymer-yields-fire-retardant-plastic-pallets/164869041357105