The global transparent barrier packaging films market in the food industry has experienced a steady growth in the past few years. The trend is expected to continue, with innovations being added to comply with environmental regulations.

A report from Technavio (Toronto) forecasts the global transparent barrier packaging films in the food industry to grow at a 6.3% CAGR during the period 2017-2021, writes

Customers welcome clarity in product messaging and in the packaging itself. According to Technavio’s report, the top three emerging trends driving the global transparent barrier packaging films market in the food industry list as follows:

  • Innovation in transparent barrier films
  • Recycling of transparent barrier films; and
  • Growing biodegradable films market.

Shakti Jakhar, the Technavio lead analyst for research on packaging, commented that the recent innovation in transparent barrier films market is due to the growing environmental concerns.

According to Jakhar, manufacturers are adding additive agents in polymers to get more moisture and vapor resistance. By doing so, they can replace the requirement of aluminum foil to some extent, which can bring some percentage of sustainability in their business divisions.

Furthermore, new product innovation is achieved by eliminating chlorine content. The presence of chlorine content in the transparent film increases carbon emission and energy consumption during manufacturing. It also generates non-degradable waste after disposal. By eliminating chlorine, vendors are bringing innovative products that can address environmental and recycling concerns.

The transparent barrier film is a packaging film made up of different types of polymers, based on the application.

The global food industry is the major contributor to the growth of the global transparent barrier packaging films market and contributes 57.4% share of the market.