Auto suppliers have a new challenge when it comes to automobile interior design and future mobility expectations.

Rose Ann Ryntz, vice president of advanced development and materials engineering at International Automotive Components Group (IAC), said that it is still unclear how interiors would look like in the coming years, or what complex materials would be employed.

“We just don’t deal with aluminum or steel. We deal with a myriad of magnesium, different types of plastics and various fillers. I would say it may be more complex when you look at the growth of crafted interiors and how we get there,” Ryntz said at an industry briefing last month.

Car interiors have evolved over the past two decades to include more colour variety, material stitching, chrome and lightweight and durable materials. The automotive industry is continuously facing new challenges to adapt to customer’s more sophisticated needs.

“We have a myriad of materials, a multitude of deployment characteristics, and I would say in all of it, lightweight is certainly already there, but we are trying to continue to improve it.”

The IAC declared it remained flexible with available materials to assist automakers to come with a satisfactory answer.