Full bottle inspection is made possible on the bottling plant with the integration of a full container inspector machine which examines any possible foreign objects and alien particles through radiometric and optical detection technologies. In this post, we focus on the methods and benefits offered by foreign object detection in full containers to bottling plants.

Pulsed X-Ray Technology

For maximum detection reliability, pulsed X-ray technology identifies the tiniest of faults on the bottle from glass splinters to stones and pieces of metal. The system identifies the faults with minimum radiation emissions, specifically on the base of the bottle which can hardly be seen with the naked eye. Radiation exposure is also minimized by pulsing only when the product to be scanned, the bottle, enters the inspection area.

Did you know? HEUFT reflexx² image processing system combines and analyses the detection pictures in real time and implements a specific teaching in the procedure. It translates into a minimum false rejection rate of the product inspected.

Optical Base Inspection

Transparent, reflexive and low-density foreign objects are identified via optical base inspection and real-time image processing. The inspection allows for an extremely clear picture without any motion blurs.

Did you know? The HEUFT sinker technology allows for special optics that can make transparent and reflective objects visible. Even faults covered by glass marks or embossing cannot escape the examination, lowering false rejection rate to under 0.1 % during the base inspection.

Optical All-round 360° Inspection

Beyond examining any debris and particles at the base of the bottle, an all-round 360° degrees sidewall inspection can detect any defects, cracks and floating foreign objects inside the bottle. The container machine uses illumination and photo imaging to precisely identify objects difficult to see with the naked eye. A servo-controlled container alignment is necessary for a continuous complete inspection.

Did you know? The HEUFT floater technology tracks downs faults at the sidewall and inside the bottle reliably. Even transparent and reflective scraps of film are reliably detected.

Servo-controlled Technology

Servo technology facilitates the proper alignment of containers at various detection stations. It allows for the whole base area of the bottle to be inspected, as well as for a complete 360° sidewall inspection. Furthermore, a precise servo-controlled rotation of the containers is essential for optimal foreign object detection and ensures that no area is overlooked.

Did you know? The HEUFT reflexx² real-time image processing system ensures the correct alignment and coverage of the product.

Thanks to our partner Heuft, Plastic and Chemical Trading offers specialised solutions tailor-made for the packaging industry, including full bottle inspection containers for bottling plants.

The HEUFT eXaminer II XOS is a compact full container, suitable for confined spaces, which tracks down solid foreign objects just as easily and precisely as low-density contamination. It has both radiometric and optical detection technologies and supports the user step by step using images, text, and sound. It can service up to 72,000 containers per hour.

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