There is a new barrier packaging option for North America packagers that has been proven in Europe: Mondi Consumer Packaging (Vienna, Austria) is bringing products based on the company’s blown film extrusion technology stateside.

The range of products includes preformed tubes and bags promise enhanced product protection and improved material stability that have been available in Europe for more than ten years.

The film’s unique multilayer structure includes a center layer of nylon (PA) or ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) that creates an almost impenetrable barrier for moisture, scent or gas.

The stronger structure makes the material far more durable and tighter than conventional sealed films, according to Mondi, meaning that food, cosmetic, agricultural and chemistry products can enjoy a higher level of product protection and extended shelf life.

FFS tube and film details

The films are available in two different versions. The first one is a preformed tube with side gussets, which is ideal for automated form/fill/seal machinery in formats from 1 pound up to 50 pounds net weight.

The film tubes can be printed on in as many as six colors. A special anti-slip embossing simplifies palletisation of the product.

The second version of the special films can be used for preformed bags that require manual or semiautomatic filling.

The flex-crack resistant means that the all-plastic bag’s integrity is comparable to aluminum, making them especially appealing for the American pet food and pharmaceutical markets.

The new packaging materials will be launched during Pack Expo Las Vegas September 25-27.