A consumer study on food packaging sustainability in restaurants and grocery stores found keen interest in biodegradability as a Plan B option when recycling isn’t possible.

 What do consumers want and expect from companies and brands when it comes to paper and packaging products?

The 2017 Paper & Packaging Consumer Trends Report from Asia Pulp and Paper explored this question to gain insight into consumers’ thoughts and preferences through an online survey conducted June 1-4, 2017, among a representative sample of 1,015 U.S. adults 18 years of age and older, comprising 505 males and 510 females.

The research specifically looked at the importance of sustainability for paper, food packaging and delivery packaging, and how it influences consumer purchasing behavior.

The first section of the report explored the importance of sustainability in food packaging, specifically in restaurants and grocery store settings as shown in the accompanying graphics.

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Source: packagingdigest.com