Biaxially oriented polyvinyl chloride (PVC-O) pressure pipes have become a competitive solution against other PVC pipe technology such as modified PVC (PVC-M) and unplasticised PVC (PVC-U) due to its combination of strength, pressure resistance, and material savings.

Strength and Toughness

PVC-O pipes are produced by a process which orientates the long chain molecules of the extruded pipe and increases the diameter of the pipe.

This bi-axial reorientation of the molecular structural leads to improvements in the strength and toughness of the PVC material, both on short and long-term usage.

The remarkable strength of PVC-O allows for higher design stresses and material savings, especially in the higher pressure classes.

High Design Stress Resistance

The process of molecular orientation in PVC-O pipe extrusion produces a laminar or layered structure. It is why PVC-O pipes have increased strength and performance and can withstand high pressures even in conditions of mechanical stress.

The layered structure effectively contains cracks and defects on point loads due to the reduction in stress concentration as cracks are propagated through the layers.

The higher design stress offers multiple advantages such as improved handling and installation, leakage reductions, and increased hydraulic capacity.

Fatigue and Surge Pressure Resistance

PVC-O pipes are commonly associated with great resistance to fatigue failure and surge pressures. Although fatigue of plastic pipes is uncommon, PVC-O pipes provide great resistance in an environment when pressure is expected.

Well-designed PVC-O piping not only offers excellent pressure resistance but is capable of withstanding double the amount of its working pressure.

Furthermore, impact tests on PVC-O pipes have shown a far increased resistance compared to that of PVC-M pipes in similar conditions.

Better Output and Material Cost Savings

Advancement in the in-line production process has rendered PVC-O a viable alternative to other types of PVC-based piping manufacturing by increasing production output rates and reducing manufacturing costs. The high design stress performance results in material savings of up to 50% against equivalent PVC-U and PVC-M pipe products.

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