Versatility and performance of high-pressure PVC pipes such as the biaxially oriented PVC-O make it a viable solution for a range of industrial applications.

Applications include pumped water reticulation systems and other installations where greater safety is required because of pressure surges, water hammer or pressure cycling.

High-pressure water supply and sewage

PVC’s strength, durability, easy installation, and low cost have renders it the preferred option in the piping industry, specifically for plumbing and drainage systems.

PVC is often used in plastic pressure pipe systems for pipelines in the water and sewer industries because of its inexpensive nature and flexibility.

PVC-O pipes can withstand increased pressure compared to the PVC-M and PVC-U variants and are ideal for the transport of water under medium and high pressure for irrigation systems, potable water supply, fire extinguishing networks, and pumping systems.

Cooling and ventilation systems

PVC-O pipes fitted with steel Victaulic joints are suitable in the mining environment because of their lightweight properties and advantages in handling and installation underground.

Cooling and air ventilation is necessary underground where temperatures can reach 50°C. It can be achieved by pumping water through the kilometres of vertical mining shafts and then transporting the chilled water back for reuse.

Modified PVC pipes (PVC-M) for the mining environment offer superior thermal insulating properties versus steel pipes which translates into energy savings, as less power is consumed in re-cooling the return water to 5°C.

PVC pipe systems in mines need to perform at high temperatures and pressures, be fail-safe and resist impact failures. PVC-O  is a great alternative sd it weights less than half of the modified PVC piping (PVC-M) counterpart and can withstand higher pressures classes up to 25 bar.

Overall, PVC-O pipe installations offer a competitive advantage in the mining industry against traditional steel pipes, although the latter is still commonly employed in the industry.

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