The newly-relocated Paulaner breweries in Langwied, Munich, will rely on HEUFT’s latest technology for inspecting empty and full beer containers to rule out product mix-ups and safeguard product differentiation.

The brewery added six new filling lines to address its various Paulaner beer specialities and packaging, including local brands and the leading international product, the popular Paulaner yeast wheat beer.

“Over 200 stock keeping units (SKUs) are spread over numerous different bottle types, crown corks, crates and can sizes as well as innumerable configuration versions with national and international labels,” explains Christian Dahncke, the head brewer at the Paulaner brewery.

“The challenges are clear.  On the one hand we have to rule out mix-ups, and on the other hand, we also have to identify all deviations in quality quickly and reliably.  The situation would no longer be feasible without inspection technology of the new generation.”

Almost fifty inspection and foreign object detection HEUFT machines currently address the complex variety of the different SKUs and maintain the quality and consumption safety of the Paulaner beverages.

Paulaner has relied on HEUFT detection technology at its previous location in Nockherberg and commissioned more systems for its new construction project, which included improvements and new technologies in every area, with an output of maximum 2.9 million hectolitres of beer. A new line was added every four to six weeks.

The detection technology provides a full overview at speeds of up to 57,000 containers per hour in all the labellers of four new bottle filling lines and assists the breweries in ruling out incorrect labelling as a result of mixing labels.

With such a variety of local and international products, the fine details and subtle differences in the various labels – predominantly back labels – become hard to recognised by the human eye in the filling plant.

The breweries use microcodes on the edge of every bottle body and back labels as a means of unique identification to tell a beer brand from the other. It makes now possible to reliably identify, but also verify and allocate these codes using five camera systems, LED illumination without shadows or reflections and the HEUFT reflexx image processing system.

“HEUFT reads them during the labelling process and compares them with the filling order currently in progress,” explains Dahncke.  The line is stopped if there are any discrepancies.

A serial fault detection with an individually adaptable threshold value ensures that a production stop is brought about each time incorrect labelling occurs.


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