For plastics manufacturing companies looking to add new technology without the additional investment, leasing injection moulding machines is a viable alternative. Luckily, German supplier Krauss Maffei introduced rental packages for its machinery.

The leasing packages cover KraussMaffei and Netstal injection moulding machines with up to 300 metric tons of clamping force.

The rental business model is much more inclusive of total life cycle considerations and not just on buying and selling a product, according to KraussMaffei’s vice president of sales for injection moulding machines.

There is a new market change in the sales of injection moulding machines, sparked by times of fast adaptability as consumers demand high flexibility and innovative solutions. The moulding industry is changing, making space for new business models.

Traditionally, the moulding industry is capital intensive and invests heavily in machinery, which can have a negative impact on financials in a challenging market. Furthermore, disruptive business models can affect the moulding process, eg. Moulding in the automotive industry.

Another important factor is the shorter product lifecycles, which call for greater production flexibility. Leasing of injection moulding machinery makes sense when manufacturers look at upgrading or changing machinery to fit the product’s current requirements and market prospects.

Consequently, the demand for late-model used injection moulding machines is on the rise.

Lease customers pay a set fee each month. They can pay just for the machine or pay a higher fee that includes insurance for things such as breakage, operating errors and lack of lubricants.

At the end of the rental term, the customer can decide to buy the machine, extend a longer lease period or turn it back in.

Although the rental options are already in place in Germany, other international markets will follow with a step-by-step rollout.

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