Two innovative medical packaging products aim to become a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to the limited options available in the medical market today.

The new patented solutions were designed to improve the performance and quality of form-fill-seal packages, header bags, and peel pouches for medicinal usage.

The improved packaging benefits from improved breathability, barrier properties, clean peel and high resistance to tear and puncture, all predicaments of the modern medical industry.

The DuraMed technology, which applies to form-fill-seal packages, header bags and peel pouches, offers better resistance to tampering and punctures, additional strength and durability, and tamper-evident uniformity of the packaging seal.

Another innovation, DirectSeal, is a film with sealant technology that delivers significant cost advantages in the industry. It eliminates the need for a matching coated substrate for applications including form-fill-seal, header bags and peel pouches.

DirectSeal provides a consistent seal across temperatures with uncoated paper and flash-spun HDPE. The two technologies can also be combined to offer increased performance for seal strength, sterility assurance, and important cost savings.

Advancements in medical packaging are essential in protecting drugs, devices, patients, and medical professionals from contamination, leakages and other industry hazards.

Furthermore, improved plastics technology has managed to push performance, quality, and cost-value in the market, becoming the material of choice for medical professionals.

The packaging solutions, patented by Berry Global Inc., will be showcased at the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) in Anaheim, California, US, from 6 to 8 February.

The company will be exhibiting packaging innovations tailored to the medical industry, including closures, medical adhesives, filtration materials, and drug-delivery devices.

MD&M West is co-located with PLASTEC West and three other trade shows devoted to packaging, design and manufacturing, and automation.

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