Plastics are used daily in countless products used by ordinary people due to its light, durable, and chemically resistant properties. But the following industries advanced by fully embracing plastics and its most important benefits.


Plastic can be moulded and shaped into any desirable form through various manufacturing techniques. The packaging industry uses plastics extensively in plastics containers for household use, shatterproof bottles, liquids, and child-friendly packaging.

There are many applications of plastic packaging, including containers for medicine and sensitive transports.


Plastics are today the backbone of the electronics industry based on its thermal and insulation properties. There is virtually little product that does not benefit from its lightweight, durable and flexible features.

Not surprisingly, plastics are a common occurrence in chips and circuit boards for electronic items such as smartphones and laptops.

Today’s plastics do not change form after the heating process, which is why the material is widely used in the manufacturing of household items such as microwave ovens and refrigerators to name just a few.


Virtually all transport vehicles in the world will have plastic components in their production. The benefits are multiple. Manufacturers can now produce lighter and more power efficient cars and aeroplanes;

The toughness, durability and easy colouring process of plastics are ideal for most exterior, and interior parts in vehicles, from dashboards to doors and wheel covers.


The construction industry employs plastics as its main material to take advantage of its abilities to resist natural elements and corrosion.

The most common uses for plastics in construction lies in pipes and valves manufacturing, plumbing fixtures, panels and insulation, railings etcetera.

The uses of plastics in the construction industry are second to the packaging industry.

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