KraussMaffei ran its most innovative injection moulding machines, the all-electric PX series, on the show floor at PLASTEC West in California this 6 to 8 February.

KraussMaffei announced that it would showcase a machine from its all-electric PX series to booth 3925 at PLASTEC West. The machine was introduced at K 2016 and presented at Fakuma in October 2017. The series has proven to be a crowd pleaser.

“Until now, customers have been forced to decide between low-budget and high-end designs,” said Hans Ulrich Golz, Managing Director of KraussMaffei and President of the company’s injection moulding machinery segment, at the K show.

“KraussMaffei is now presenting the first all-electric machines on the market that the customer may tailor to specific manufacturing needs in the modular principle in the hydraulic area.”

The commercial success of the machine has been such that KraussMaffei has struggled to meet demand at times.

“The demand is enormous, especially from customers located in Germany, but also from those in the USA and China,” said Golz at Fakuma. To meet the high demand, KraussMaffei said that it wants to double production capacity of the PX series in 2018.

KraussMaffei transferred the popular modular concept of its hydraulic series to the all-electric PX. The result is a new machine series that takes modularity to new heights. It includes configuring the machine with larger platens, faster injection speeds, more ejector force and the ability to be operated with food-grade lubricants. There are a total of 44 unique combinations, said KraussMaffei.

Numerous other injection moulding machine makers, as well as tool builders and suppliers of injection moulding and other plastics processing services, were exhibited at PLASTEC West.

The event was held in Anaheim, California, on Feb. 6 to 8.


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