A plastic wine glass that even a merlot-drinking wine snob can love: the two-piece cup is the solution to a “first-world problem” to create a wine cup for use in places unsuited for vessels of breakable glass.

Enter HaloVino, Jessica Bell’s invention. For any varietal connoisseur, “a plastic cup feels cheap”, and the fermented juice does “not feel or taste like wine,” she said in explaining the origins of her ah-ha moment.

Bell worked as a Goldman Sachs investment banker for three years, for a winery in Spain for two years, as a sommelier in New York for a year and as a wine school operator in Milwaukee and Chicago for ten years.

HaloVino glass’s curved shape enhances the aroma of the wine, which helps offset complaints about the material for high-end wine drinkers. Two pieces snap together to form the curved glass. The cups are dishwasher-safe and reusable. Websites list an eight-pack of shatterproof HaloVino tumblers for $9.99-$11.99.

Wisconsin-based custom injection moulder Sussex IM Inc. is currently assuring the volume production of the HaloVino polypropylene cup. The resin selected for the project is a low-odour, good-clarity PP that has the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

For quick responses, Sussex IM uses digitally printed in-mould labels — pre-cut plastic films — to customise HaloVino tumblers with artwork and messaging for specific brands. It enables Jessica to offer her customers the flexibility of a product decorated specifically for their event or promotion or general sale.

Recently, Sussex IM took delivery of three new presses from KraussMaffei — two 222-ton KM 200-750CX models and one 378-ton KM 350-3000CX.

Now, the processor operates more than 60 injection moulding machines with clamping forces ranging from 25-955 tons. Processes include in-mould decoration, insert, multishot, co-injection, over-moulding, auto-unscrew and living hinge.

So far, Bell estimates that she has invested about $250,000 in bringing the HaloVino cup to market.

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