Plastic extrusion is used for the manufacturing of a variety of plastic products, from pipes and tubes to plastic sheets and wire insulations. In this post, we explore the process and its benefits.

Plastic extrusion is a manufacturing process which uses high volumes of plastic material to manufacture and produce a continuous profile.

The process of extrusion is used for the creation of fixed cross-sectional profiles. Plastic or thermoplastic materials are pressed to form the of desired shape and cross-section.

The main application of the extrusion process include pipes, tubes, deck railings, plastic films, window frames, weather-stripping lines, plastic sheets, wire insulations and thermoplastic coatings.

The extrusion machine works on the application of two conditions pressures. Additionally, the extruder screw helps in the mixing action of the plastic compound through the shearing action. The machine includes a barrel and screw, heaters, die and screw drives.

The main advantage of the plastic extrusion process lies in the shaping and moulding of the plastic material through the die. The plastic can take any complex shape by being moulded into any type of design and form.

Since the plastic is only exposed to compressive stress and shearing in the extrusion process, the moulded shape presents no cracks or imperfections, and becomes ideal for usage in the manufacturing of parts and components with first-rate surface finishes.

Plastic extrusion machines can easily manufacture a series of cross-sectional shapes or profiles, such as cord, rectangles, squares and triangular shapes, as well as hollow sections for pipes and tubes.

Worldwide, the plastic extrusion process is mainly used in the manufacturing of plastic tires and belt conveyors in the global market.

Extrusion machines can also be used for the manufacturing of several materials from thermoplastic plastic, thermoplastic and natural plastic.

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