The plastic extrusion machine market is estimated to continue to grow over the next decade owing to significant drivers that increase the demand for the extrusion process. Here is a quick overview of the main factors driving this demand.

The extrusion machine market is on an upward trend, thanks to significant innovation processing technologies regarding plastics materials, as well as the introduction of novel plastic products in the global market.

The growing manufacturing, automotive and piping industries in emerging and developing regions, Africa included, provide strong opportunities for innovative extrusion processes. There is also increased awareness about the plastic extrusion machinery and its benefits.

Furthermore, consumers are growing more conscious about environment-friendly equipment, and alternative efficient and green ways of producing plastic derivatives.

As a result, manufacturers have to introduce innovative plastic products, particularly in the automotive market. These products are being manufactured to meet the transitioning consumer demand for fuel effective and high-performance lightweight vehicles.

Stringent emission regulations are increasing the demand for plastic products in interior materials in all the vehicle types across the globe. Growing consumer preference towards less carbon emission control vehicles has encouraged manufacturers to achieve minimum fuel efficiency.

Therefore manufacturers have partnered with OEMs to develop specific products for automobiles using the latest extrusion technologies.

Aside from automotive, oil and gas and construction industries are expected to fuel the demand for plastic extrusion machines.

Adding to these growing industries is the application of plastic products and hybrids in end-user markets, in fashion and retail, for example, which further adds to the strong demand.

Globally, rising worldwide populations, higher standards of living and increasing spending on infrastructure push the demand for manufacturers in the plastic extrusion machine market.

The main players in the market, such as German-based KraussMaffei Berstorff, are key driving forces in the growth of the global plastic extrusion machine market, thanks to an extensive distribution network and innovative extrusion machines.

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